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How to get started

Not all websites are created equal. When designing or redesigning yours, it is critical that you have a plan in place before starting. You need to answer questions like:

  • What is our Brand?
  • What are our business goals for the site?
  • What are the differentiated groups, or personas that will be visiting our site?
  • Will our site define who we are and what we do in the first 5-10 seconds?
  • What is our single most important value proposition and what makes us different?
  • Are there trust indicators and will the user see others like them as customers/clients?
  • What are the next steps when a user visits the site?
  • What is the main call to action? Are there secondary call to actions?
  • Are we collecting all of the data we need from the visits we do get?

Let's Plan

Step 1

First and Foremost

You would think that this always happens, but in actuality it rarely does

Step 2

Create Personas

User stories

Every visitor has a story and why they came to our site. Let’s make sure they see what they came to see

Step 3

Design the UX

User Experience

It’s all about the user’s experience and how they will interact with the site, not how we would use it.

Step 4

Code it

This is easy

Coding a website is the easy part if you do Steps 1 through 3 well.

Step 5

Test it

Iterate on changes

Spend some time going through the user stories to make sure the site is behaving as planned

Step 6

Deploy it

Launch the site

Once everything is tested and retested, iterated, and approved, we launch the site and make it live!