Reputation Management

Reputation Management2017-08-16T13:06:52-06:00

What is reputation management?

In the physical world reputation management involves making sure that people are talking about your good qualities and that you are addressing and squashing the bad rumors. In the online world it is very similar. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. are putting more and more emphasis on companies’ reputations.

So how do you manage your online reputation?

Let’s be honest, you have a business to run. Reputation management and reviews is not what you want to be worried about. We can help. We offer a full-service reputation management system.

Here is what you get:

  • Creation and management of location-based account (Google Places, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.)
  • Creation and management of reviews account (Yelp, Google+, Citysearch, Facebook, etc.)
  • Monitoring of reviews (work with clients on appropriate responses)
  • Notification of new reviews
  • Proactive review initiatives

Properly configured location-based sites can have a significant impact on traffic to your website. With these location-based sites also comes the ability for people to post reviews, and reputation management becomes critical as well as plays a roll in the results of your organic searches.

We help you focus on running your business by watching your reviews sites like Yelp, Google+, Citysearch, etc. for you.

When a review comes in we will let you know. If it is good, we might suggest you highlight it in your social media or on your site. If it is bad, we will help you craft a timely response that minimizes the negative affect or, in some cases, can turn it into a positive. And that is just the first step in reputation management.

We will also work with you and your existing client base to encourage more reviews. When you’re not asking for reviews, the only ones you are going to get are the bad ones.

Let us help. Contact us to find out how we can help with your success.